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Welcome to Two Sunspots, a site designed to bring you some great Stranglers bootlegs. This is intended for fans, and is non profit and I ask anyone downloading from this site to respect that and to always support the band by purchasing official releases. No commercially released material will be posted here, and I will honour the wishes of the band and their representatives and remove any material if asked to do so. We are interested in any era of the band and of course their solo work too, if you have anything that you think must be heard then let me know...it's good to share!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

What's happening with Two Sunspots?

It's been a while since I posted anything here and you probably know the closure of MegaUpload pretty much killed all the links for recordings too. I had pretty much decided to let Two Sunspots stand as I felt and still do feel that the Aural Sculptures blog site was representing Stranglers fans better than Two Sunspots was and has access to loads of great recordings. Then MegaUpload killed the remaining gigs on here, I do get notifications if people leave comments and if there are shows you want re-upped then leave a comment and I will do that for you (Manchester 2011 has a new link for this reason).

Thanks for visiting!

Rob / Two Sunspots


  1. hi

    thanks for the re-upload of manchester 2011 brings back great memories of a great night

    once again A BIG THANKS

    simon r

  2. Hi mate

    Thanks for re-uplOAD OF THE STUFF ON YOUR SITE.

    I THINK THERE IS MORE but i will sort these out first
    i will leave comments as i have downloaded them nust wanted to say a BIG THANKS AGAIN for redoing these
    s mate